Something remarkable has happened in the world of videography in the last 5 years; filmmakers, young and old, have taken to the sky. Well, not personally but with the help of a very powerful piece of technology – Drones. Gone are the days of having to hire a helicopter and a aerial photographer to capture your wide landscape shots. For a couple thousand dollars filmmakers are using drones to record some of the most incredible footage ever captured all around the world. We’re done a round-up post of some of our favourite drone videos from the last few years.

Man and Drone.

This guy travels around the world taking some of the most epic drone footage we’ve seen. We thought to include this on our list because this video is all about our home. The mountain landscapes and scale of some of these shots are just incredible. Be sure to check out some of this other videos on his youtube channel.

Australia ShowReel By Fly Film

I’ve been a huge fan of Fly Film’s footage for some time now. In fact, ever since I saw their reel that I’ve linked below. There are some seriously beautiful shots of the Australian Beaches. It definitely wants to make us pack up and move during the winter months. Check out their aerial photography website.


Hawaii by Sawyer Hartman.

Filmmaker and youtube Sawyer Hartman captured his trip to Hawaii in some serious style. He managed to capture the lush rainforest and the beautiful beaches perfectly.