The Importance of Storyboarding in Filmmaking

Some filmmakers use storyboards after a script has been completed. Others use them before the final draft is done in order to see how well the scenes play out on paper. There is no real rule regarding the use of a storyboard, but there is no doubt that it is very helpful in bringing a script to its visual stage.

A storyboard is at the basis of any good production. It helps string the scenes and the story together. It is a visualization on paper. It is also a way to help a filmmaker get a better visual idea of how the scenes will actually look.

Here’s a tool for creating your own storyboards. It may be a bit advanced for basic storyboards but having more features is always better than having not enough.

For the filmmakers who use them only after a final draft is complete, storyboards can be helpful in detecting which scenes need to be scrapped or rewritten. For the filmmakers who use storyboards as a script is undergoing another revision, the benefits are similar. They can also use the storyboard to springboard creative ideas and images into the script to help it develop its complete arc.

Some directors recommend using storyboarding to do both out-of-sequence shooting as well as sequenced shoots. Storyboards help in both instances. The storyboard also provides more of a reference for how all the scenes play out together to help facilitate the shooting of the entire film.

Storyboards aren’t just great for feature films. Video production companies also use storyboards to convey ideas to their clients before going ahead with the full production. This is a great way to get approval or sign off on an idea or style before investing too much time and money. One example that comes to mind is a project we worked on with a production company in San Francisco. This project was particularly hard to describe to the client because we had to create a tonne of motion graphics, so storyboarding was a great way to get some of those ideas across. Luckily, everyone was happy and we created a pretty need product. You can check it out on MarketME Video’s FB Page.

Storyboards are excellent tools for finding weak spots in stories as well as strong points that need more visuals for enhancement. For any beginner or advanced filmmaker they also help indicate which scenes are dynamic and which are less so. Using 3D sketches are also invaluable in giving scenes depth before the first scene is actually shot.

Storyboards are very helpful to filmmakers. Find out more by researching top directors what they have to say about the use of these important tools.